Double O, formally 007 was brought up on lots of different forms of black music growing up as a child. Reggae, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove ,Calypso… later on Electro, Hip Hop, Detroit Techno, Hardcore and Jungle. He started making music in the late 80’s, inspired by his older Brother who had his own Reggae sound system and with the help of his Mother and Father, who helped buy him his first keyboard, TB 303 and later on in the years, a sampler (God bless you Mum n Dad).

He would often go to clubs in Sheffield where a Dj called Winston Hazel would play peoples demos, producers like Nightmares on wax and Rob Gordon from early Warp records were just a few of the artists who would submit their demos to get played by Winston. This inspired him to want to take his music and Djing further.

Double O started Djing professionally in the early 90ies at the Doncaster warehouse and various clubs up North. At the Warehouse he had his first release with Dj Mzone, a 4 track ep which he remembers they distributed themselves traveling to lots of different records shops up North for such as Eastern Block records in Manchester. While Djing in the warehouse a few years later he met Dj oldskool legend Stu Allan, who he would sometimes MC for when he played his set at the Warehouse. Stu liked Double O,s Mc-ing style and encouraged him to do some singing on some tracks for a commercial Label called Red Raw. The track ended up getting to 56 in the commercial charts. Unfortunately this direction was not the one Double O wanted to take his music but he did value the experience.

Double O also met Dj SS where he made and put out one of his biggest and most well known productions, called the Undercover Agent EP on Formation Records and it was being heavily played by the scenes big DJs at the time. Grooverider, Ratty and Randall would regularly play tracks from the ep. Around the same time he also made a tune at L Double’s studio with the same sample (Michael prophet ‘Your love’ vocal) which was on one of the tunes from the Undercover Agent EP (‘Your Love’). Due to some confusion and inexperience, the tune was released on Reinforced Records under the name ‘Come Cross’ by Low Key Movements but Double O was never credited.

His next move was to London, and with the Help of one of his friends Danny from Lab logic records (big up Dan!) he got a job at Turnkey selling music equipment in Soho. He eventually Set up Rupture with Dj Mantra, a now legendary night dedicated to quality drum & bass music and oldskool, which is now in it’s twelfth year and has established itself as one of the leading club nights in London.

The beauty of Music has enabled Double O to travel around the globe, playing to and meeting like minded musical people. Primarily known as a Drum n Bass Dj, he makes and collects many different forms of music, from Hip Hop to Techno, old reggae and Rare Groove.

“I just like good music ” Says Dubz (as his friends know him as). Continuing to record for the likes of DJ Trace’s 117 imprint and AKO Beatz among many others, again with the highly talented Dj Mantra, together they have set up Rupture London ( A label dedicated to good quality electronic music, which has also seen the release of many of Double O’s own works.

Music who feels it shows it who knows it feels it …..and remember don’t come with an ego we turn that to zero!!

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